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Grants Management Office:


The Grants Management Office provides fiscal and strategic support to schools and Central Office to manage Federal, State, and Private grants received by and housed in the Springfield Public Schools while ensuring all grant dollars comply with regulations. It is the responsibility of the Grants Management Office to review all grant applications prior to submission. This process will ensure that all necessary staff have reviewed and approved the completed application before submission to the Superintendent. All information relative to grant opportunities must be funneled through the Grants Management Office.


Application Process:

  1. District staff interested in pursuing a grant must consult with the Grant Director to ensure that the proposed grant application is compatible with district-wide goals.
  2. The Grant Director will consult with the CFOO & Assistant Superintendent to ensure that the proposed application is appropriate, given the requirements of the grant, and the fiscal needs of the district.
  3. Meeting participants will determine which school(s) or department the grant opportunity best suites and who will be responsible for working with the Grants Management Office to complete the application by the deadline.
  4. Steps will be taken to ensure that any application prepared for submission will adhere to all laws and regulations, paying particular attention to the requirements relative to supplement not supplant.
  5. The Grant Director, or their designee, will review the application to ensure that the proposed costs are allowable costs for said grant. The Budget Director or their designee will review the items in the budget to ensure allowability. If the Budget Director determines that a cost is not allowable, they will meet with the Grant Director and determine next steps to ensure compliance with the grant.
  6. Once all required grant documents are complete, the Grants Management Office will submit all documentation to the Office of the Superintendent for final review and approval.
  7. Upon approval of the Superintendent the Grants Management Office will submit the application to awarding agency. If hard copies are required, they will be sent out and copies will be provided to appropriate internal departments.


Post Award Management:

  1. The Grants Management Office will notify district/school personnel once the grant has been approved/denied.
  2. After a Grant Award Notice is received, the Grants Management Office along with the Business Office will create the org, object, and project codes within MUNIS.
  3. The Grants Management Office will prepare and submit the required documents to seek School Committee approval on all new grants awarded to the district. 
  4. The Grant Director or designee will request reimbursement for actual expenditures incurred monthly.
  5. The Grants Management Office will monitor expenses to ensure all grant dollars comply with regulations.
  6. The Grants Management Office, the Business Office and the program administrator will work together to formulate and review budget amendment requests.  
  7. The Grants Management Office will ensure all required reporting on grants is completed and submitted by the required deadlines.
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